Don Churro

In the land of endless Tex Mex, true Latin food is hard to come by. Sure, there are a handful of restaurants that serve South American cuisine, but only one trailer (as far as I know) that specializes in Latin-Cuban food. Don Churro has a menu full of Cuban goodness including sandwiches, churros, and other traditional fare that sets it far apart from the other trucks in town.

I had been eyeing Don Churro for awhile, so my mind was already made up when I arrived at the truck. I quickly ordred the “Latin Dish”, which is a single item in its very own section on the menu apart from the sandwiches and churros. When it comes to Cuban food, it had everything I like in one plate: pollo con arroz, frijoles negros y platanos maduros (chicken and rice, black beans, and fried plantains). And with a truck named Don Churro, there was no way I could leave without some churros to finish things off.

I took my order to-go, maneuvered out of my impressive parking spot, and headed back home. Within seconds my car was transformed into its own Little Havana, mixing the aromas of grilled chicken with the cinnamon-coated churros. I almost pulled the car over and tore the bag open to eat right then and there. Self-control (barely) triumphed and I was able to make it home before devouring.

The chicken was a simply seasoned chicken breast topped with some sauteed onions with a lime on the side. I appreciated the no-frills preparation and clean flavors. I did think the meat was a touch dry, which I’ll attribute at least partially to the longer-than-intended time between when the food was ready and when I ate it after my 15 minute drive home. The beans were masterfully soft without being mushy and super flavorful. There’s not much to say about the rice, which was perfectly tender and a great compliment to the beans. Lastly, the plantains were nice and sweet and fried to perfection. I always consider plantains my pre-dessert and these were no exception. I saved them until after the chicken, rice, and beans were gone as a precursor to the churros.

For the uninitiated, churros are basically long donuts, typically rolled in cinnamon sugar, and served / eaten fresh and warm. The churros at Don Churro are (from my experience) the quintessential churro. After my first bite the only thought in my head was “good lord these are good!” Like any great donut they were creamy in the middle, crispy on the outside, and completely covered in cinnamon-sugar. Traditionally you hear of churros con chocolate, but there’s no way it’s better than this cajeta (a goat’s milk caramel).

Seriously the food was outstanding. But more importantly, the folks behind the food are genuinely good people simply wanting to serve up great food. No question I’ll be back and bringing others to spread the Don Churro gospel.

PS – I could only eat 2 of the 3 churros after dinner, so I had the pleasure of enjoying the last one with a cup of coffee the next morning.

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Churro, dipped in cajeta, then dunked in coffee. ::speechless:: I’ll spare you 1,000 words.


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