Mission: Failure

Well, really it should be Mission: Hold That Thought.  Before heading back to Florida (to get married of course!) I mentioned I’d be scoping out the South Florida food truck scene. Well who knew a week’s worth of wedding prep plus driving an hour each way to find some food trucks would make things a bit challenging? Not this blogger! But that’s exactly what happened.  Setting my priorities straight I made the game time decision to forgo the mobile food. With a trip already planned back to SoFla for Christmas, it was easy to delay the inevitable face-stuffing for a later date.

Hold That Thought

Well, if you haven’t surmised, and really how could you not, my back-up plan fell through too. Only this time there is no upcoming opportunity to make good on my previous promise.  I’m shelving the idea of comparing Miami food trucks to the tried-and-true favorites of Austin.  How would Latin Burger stack up to Chi’Lantro?  What about Sweetness Bake Shop versus Hey, Cupcake!?  Unfortunately that’s all going to have to wait until, well, as long as possible.  After a ridiculous amount of travel in the last month, this runner/eater’s feet aren’t leaving the ground for awhile.  For now I’ll rest assured there’s nothing in sunny South Florida that could hold a candle to what we have here in Austin.

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