Road to Recovery. Not. – Week 11 Review [brief]

After returning from Vegas and getting over my sickness, Week 11 was positioned to be something of a comeback week.  Still a high volume week totaling 52 miles, I decided to skip one midweek medium long run of 12 miles to avoid doing too much too soon.  After a great interval 9 miler on Thursday I was really looking forward to a tough 18 mile marathon pace.  Well, Friday after an easy recovery  a non-running injury (more to come in another post) left me sidelined for an unknown amount of time.  Things aren’t looking good so all we can do is keep our fingers crossed.  A trip to the doctor might be in order if things to get resolved soon.  The Chicago Marathon is coming up in less than 4 weeks…

Distance Time Pace Heart Rate
Monday 12.00 Miles — min/mi — bpm
Tuesday 8.27 Miles 1:09:03 8:21 min/mi 144 bpm
Thursday 9.00 Miles 1:09:37 7:43 min/mi 154 bpm
Friday 5.00 Miles 44:22 8:52 min/mi 140 bpm
Saturday 18.00 Miles — min/mi — bpm
Total 22.27 Miles 3:03:03 8:13 min/mi 147 bpm

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