Bleh – Week 10 Review


That’s how I felt during Week 10 of training.  What should have been titled something awesome like “Run the Tables! – Week 10 Review” or “Runs in Vegas Stay in Vegas – Week 10 Review” ended up anticlimactic when I came down with some sickness that essentially incapacitated me for over a week.  Week 10 was supposed to be the training week of this whole training plan with a total of 55 miles and some intense efforts.  Instead I ended up with under 20 miles and nothing but slow but not easy miles.

Monday morning I woke up extra early with a sore throat to get in 7 miles before arriving at work by 7am.  That meant setting the alarm for 4:45am and getting things over with quickly.  Unfortunately I hadn’t slept well the night before due to a sore throat and suffered through all 7 miles.  Tuesdays 11 mile interval workout never had a prayer.  I slept in, went to work (barely) and came home early.  Wednesday and Thursday I simply stayed home still trying to kick the bug.  At this point I was afraid it was going to affect my trip to Las Vegas — not a place known for sleep and relaxation.

Friday I was feeling well enough to roll out a 5 mile recovery run, but it didn’t really instill confidence that I’d be ready for a 20 miler on Saturday.  Well, the combination of flying to Vegas, staying out to 4am, and not feeling great meant there would be no Saturday 20 miler.  Sunday I did pull myself out of bed to get in a 6 miler in the desert.  Hopefully Week 11 is a little healthier and successful.


Distance Time Pace Heart Rate
Monday 7.09 Miles 1:06:08 9:19 min/mi 138 bpm
Tuesday 11.00 Miles — min/mi — bpm
Thursday 12.00 Miles — min/mi — bpm
Friday 5.63 Miles 50:16 8:57 min/mi 142 bpm
Saturday 20.00 Miles — min/mi — bpm
Sunday 6.53 Miles 56:09 8:36 min/mi 149 bpm
Total 19.24 Miles 2:52:34 8:58 min/mi 143 bpm

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