The Cap10K Cometh

It’s the Friday before the biggest 10K in Texas (and 5th largest in the country*)!  I’m not part of the Corporate Challenge team here at NI, but that’s actually for the better, but I’ll get to that in a second.  This whole “race weekend” thing really snuck up on me.  For one, I haven’t been training for it.  For two, I’ve never raced a 10K before.  For three, my college roommate Barrett is visiting this weekend.  Four for For four, even though I’m not on my company’s competitive team, they footed the registration fee for me (and about sixty other employees).  So with this race sneaking up on me, what’s the plan for Sunday? My first decision for Sunday, which I honestly haven’t made yet, is if I’m even going to run the race at all.  Gasp!  I’m just not amped up for the race.  It’s something I’d do if there was nothing else going on, but with Barrett coming to town, I don’t feel a huge urge to run with 30,000 of my closest “Keep Austin Weird” friends.  The main feeling of guilt really comes from NI paying the entry fee.  But even with that, they bought a bunch** and then asked people to sign up, rather than asking who wanted to race and then buying the exact amount needed.

Seeing how Barrett is a cycling monster I thought maybe he’d join me, but he wasn’t too interested.  He said something along the lines of it would adversely affect his cycling condition right in the middle of the season.  And so, we’ll have to see what happens in the next 36 hour if I’m actually going to run the race.  For now there are no plans, goals, or milestones if I do run it.  Stay tuned, as I know you’re on the edge of your seat in anticipation.

*For all the native Texans, I’m referring to the USA as “the country” in this context.

**1 bunch = several bananas = 60 race registrations

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