Try Now or Try Later? [poll]

Before I begin, you’ll need to remember a few things.  First, I’m running the Austin Marathon on February 20th (yes, a mere 11 or so days from now).  Second, I’m going to be trying out for my company’s competitive corporate team for the Capitol 10K Race.  The race is on March 27th, but the tryouts are slated for March 2nd.  Now that we’re all up to speed, I’d like to share some new information that has come to my attention and could change everything*.

The new information, which isn’t a huge deal, is that an “early round” of tryouts are going to be held on February 17th to accommodate one entrant who will be out of the country on March 2nd.  The logistics of these early tryouts are identical to the original ones; they are simply being offered as an alternative time to the March 2nd tryouts.  My question to you is, should I try out early on Feb 17th or stick with March 2nd?  I want to be the best that I can be, so what do you think gives me the best opportunity to dominate do well?

The real question is about my goals / expectations for the Cap 10K tryouts and for the Austin Marathon.  Right now I’ve been telling anyone who will listen myself that I don’t care how I do in Austin.  If that’s true, then I think 2/17 is the way to go.  If I’m deluding myself, then 3/2 may be better.  So, what do you think?  Add comments below should you feel so inclined**.  Thanks!

*Unnecessary drama is intentional.

**Please leave comments!

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