CASA Superhero Run Race Report

Sunday I ran in the CASA Superhero 5K Run.  Like I mentioned last week, CASA is a volunteer-based organization that looks after children who have gone through tough times.  Each volunteer is a superhero to a child, helping however they can to ensure each child can grow in a healthy, encouraging environment.  This race is both raises funds and awareness for the CASA mission.

As a superhero-themed event, it would be downright irresponsible to show up in anything BUT a superhero costume.  So Ev and I pieced together a pretty respectable outfit.  Come race day it was a patchwork of an Under Armor shirt underneath a cotton t-shirt, arm warmers, basketball shorts, and trail shoes.  Ideal for running: No. Ideal for doing it for the kids: Yes.

On a whim I checked last year’s results and saw I could potentially run pretty near the front (first place?) of this race.  Even still, I stuck with my costume and decided to run 3 miles from my house to the starting line (yes, a 3 mile warm up for a 3.1 3.05 mile race).  Hazel joined me for the warm up and Ev met us there with the finishing touches for my costume.

So what was my costume?  The suspense must be killing you!  I’m the Incredible Hulk!

The Incredible Hulk and Wonder Dog!

We mulled around a bit admiring costumes (and sizing up the competition).  I was a bit discouraged to recognize a local speed demon walking around in his serious race outfit.  At that point, despite Ev’s encouragement, I knew I wouldn’t be breaking the tape.  Before long I left my dynamic duo to grab a spot near the front of the race pack.  You can see me over on the right, along with the speed demon in the yellow tank top two people over.


At the sound of the air horn, all of the little kids running the 5K race sprinted as fast as they could.  It took a lot not to laugh watching them pull away from the pack.  I was impressed how long they held on before fading back, probably after a quarter mile or so.  The course snakes around the neighborhood and lake along roads, sidewalks, and gravel paths.  Those trail shoes actually came in handy at some of the rain-soaked path sections.

Around the first mile things spread out and I found myself running hard with seven people ahead of me.  Three of those people made it evident that they didn’t want to be caught and were way out in front.  I figured I could catch a couple , including a 14 year old (#510 above, next to speed demon), and hoped others would fall off.  By the second mile I had moved up to fifth place with the 14 year old right in front and someone else right behind.  With about a half mile to go there was an indiscernible incline where I made my move to pass the youngster.  One guy flew by around the same time and left me to finish one second ahead of the 14 year old.  My official time was 17:57!

After the race we waited around for the awards for best costumes and fastest runners.  I ended up in 5th place overall out of 983!  Obviously it wasn’t the most competitive field, but my time was solid for most races.  Most important was the enormous turnout for CASA.  Every person out there ran for the kids that CASA helps and it will only make a positive impact for each and every one of them.

Time 17:57
Distance 3.1 3.05 Miles*
Pace 5:53 Min/Mi
Overall Place 5 / 983

*I still think it was closer to 2.95 miles, but they confirmed it was a little short due to a reroute around muddy sections, but still 3.05 miles, so a 4.9K.

Last I just wanted to share this, pulled verbatim from CASA’s press release, because I think it’s awesome:

Superman was adopted. Spiderman was raised by his aunt and uncle. Batman grew up with his butler, Alfred, and later took in Robin to raise as his ward. Thor was kicked out of Asgard by his dad but eventually reunified with his family. Few superheroes grew up in a typical family situation raised by their own parents, yet they all accomplished great things as adults. CASA, a nonprofit that advocates for children who’ve experienced abuse or neglect, believes all children deserve the chance to grow up happy and healthy and become superhero adults themselves.

One more look:

Channeling my Hulk strength

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