Me Llamo Taco Takes Care of Business

Update: Super terrible news… Me Llamo Taco is no longer in business.

You know what I love about Me Llamo Taco?  Everything.  Their breakfast tacos will start your day right and their lunch tacos are possibly likely the best in the city.  So when my small team at work was having a company-sponsored lunch, what else could I do but demand suggest Me Llamo Taco provide the food?  Nothing.  There was nothing else I could do.  And so the team’s lunch fate was sealed.

With only a little more than a week’s notice, MLT (that’s what no one the cool kids call Me Llamo Taco) enthusiastically agreed to cater our lunch.  They sent over an extensive catering menu and then worked with me to figure out how much food to get that would maximize our (very) fixed budget for 10 people.  I gave some solidly vague guidelines like “10-ish people” and “whatever you think”.  I can only imagine the under-the-breath whispers that were said as they received each of my emails.

But Me Llamo Taco responded promptly and professionally.  Ultimately we decided on an assortment of tacos –Vampiro, Cochinita, Don Pedro, and Chihuahua (vegan)– along with a large salad and a mountain of chips and accompanying river of salsa.  It was delivered exactly on time, and then everyone was tortured as the meeting organizer decided to have the meeting first and have the eating second.

But finally, after literally an hour of letting the food get cold meeting, we were set loose!  For eight people we had 25 tacos, chips, salsa, and salad.

Let me say this: It’s very dangerous to have a giant bin of tacos free for the taking.  My normal Me Llamo Taco order swings between 2 and 3 for a normal lunch depending on hunger*.  On this day, assured that everyone had as many tacos, chips, and salad as they wanted, I took down 5.  I don’t know how, and it certainly wasn’t planned, but it happened.  I probably would’ve gone for one more, but alas, there were no more to be had.

Afterwards everyone raved about the food, even after the tacos patiently waited for us to finish our meeting.  From start to finish Me Llamo Taco did a great job catering for our team lunch.  They have updated their weekday hours to give themselves more catering opportunities as well.  I’d highly recommend keeping them on your short list for the next office lunch.  So. Good.

*OK, let’s be serious, it’s usually 3.

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