Gluten Freedom

March 1st marks Day 1. I’m joining Ev (who has been at it for a little over a week) to go gluten free. Since following an impressively successful amateur triathlete, and reading a few recent anecdotal articles, we decided it would be worth our while to give it a try. The idea is that cutting out gluten from my diet will provide benefits to all areas of a Mike’s life.

I don’t share this with many people, but my whole digestive system has been off kilter for as long as I can remember. After thinking

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I was lactose intolerant or had some weird allergy, I’ve ultimately decided it’s a result of running. I’m not sure how exactly, but that’s my theory. Well one of the articles Ev came across said that eating gluten and then running (i.e., have a bagel then go run for 3 hours) is documented to cause some stomach issues. Yikes. So the new diet is underway.

The biggest struggle is lunch. I love sandwiches. They’re on bread. Bread has gluten. Whereas breakfast has corn tortillas for breakfast tacos and dinner can pretty easily be built around gluten-less options, lunch (at least for me) is sandwich-centric. As I get further into being gluten free, I’ll need to get creative with my midday meal. Fortunately Austin is a very gluten free friendly place (and not just because I can eat all the BBQ brisket I want).

The other challenge is the unexpected snack attack (aka when a coworker brings in delicious baked goods). On Day 2 of this adventure a coworker brought in homemade lemon poppyseed muffins. They smelled awesome. Alas, I had to forgo enjoying one. Similarly, Ev’s office had a big, special-order chocolate cake that she couldn’t eat. Not exactly serious world problems here, but these little things are most noticeable early on.

I’m hoping that by the end of March I won’t really miss it. If it really is the cause of my stomach issues, well I’d say it’s worth it. The target is at least two months to really give the new diet a chance. It’ll take some creativity and sacrifice for sure, but I welcome the challenge.


p>Oh, also, no beer…

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