Yumé Burger

At this point I’m skeptical of any new trucks hitting the saturated Austin trailer scene. What can [insert new truck name] make that isn’t already being cranked out at the highest level? With so many trucks, trailers, and carts, only the best will make it. So I was curious when I heard a new truck was making its debut, backed by the pedigree of some very successful, established trailer owners (can you say Peached Tortilla?). I introduce to you, Yumé Burger.

So what is Yumé Burger? They’re taking good old American standbys and reinventing the daylights out of it with Japanese flavors and ingredients. Reading the down the short menu starts off rather tame with The Original–a pretty standard hamburger, except for the jalapeño-onion relish and mystery pink sauce. But as it progresses, you realize it’s no regular burger menu: adding eggs, pork belly, and

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Asian-infused hot dogs.

With my interest piqued I wrangled up a froworker to join me for lunch, which happened to be Yumé Burger’s very first lunch service ever. After some poor navigation by me we made it to the office building where the truck was stationed. I was pretty set on the Oishii, which was a tempura whitefish, creamy wasabi slaw, Japanese tartar sauce, and Japanese pickles. Somehow they were already sold out though… instead I ordered the Japajam, all beef hamburger, Japanese tomato jam, jalapeño jack cheese, fried egg, Japanese BBQ sauce, and crispy onion strings. Which part sounds the most amazing? Trick question. All of it.

Todd and I each ordered one, plus a side of fries (mine were seasoned with sesame-salt) and a dipping sauce. After a surprisingly short wait, our food was ready. Warning: the pictures to follow represent exactly how down-and-dirty these burgers are. Let’s just say they aren’t going to win a best-dressed contest. But it’s the flavor that counts after all.

I’ll start with the fries. They are delicious. Though the sesame flavor from the seasoning didn’t really shine through, they were very tasty with the wasabi mayo. The one fault I had was they were a bit greasy, but that can’t really be a complaint for a burger & fries joint. It’s not exactly diet food.

Anyway, onto the main event: the burger. I have a soft spot for fried eggs on burgers, so I was preparing for something great. Turns out I didn’t properly imagine how all the ingredients would look when it came out. Well, it looked like this:

Just a mess of meat, egg, crispy onions, tomato jam, cheese, and BBQ sauce. Again, it doesn’t matter though if it tastes great. The first bite was good, but my tastebuds were still gaining their bearings. As I got further into it the tomato jam combined with the BBQ sauce got to be a little overpowering and a too sweet. Once I got to the egg yolk it mellowed out the sweetness a bit. The meat was cooked really well but hard to get a good taste over the sauces. The only real bite of saltiness came from the crispy onions, which helped add texture and contrast.

I’d say overall the burger was alright. I didn’t mind the mess, but I did mind the sweetness beatdown. Part of it I’m sure can be chalked up to it being their real opening day to the public. I’ll definitely be back to try the Oishii. Check their website for their regularly updated schedule to see where you can get your hands on one of these beasts. Oh, and I will say actions speak louder than words. See for yourself:


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