What’s in a name?  With Snarky’s MOO BAWK OINK there’s both confusion and clarity.  When I tell people about Snarky’s, I invariably get a puzzled look and need to repeat myself.  On the one hand this is good.  It means I got their attention.  On the other hand, it isn’t initially clear that I’m speaking English.  And on the other hand, it says exactly what they make.  Confused?  Read on to learn all about some outstanding sandwiches.

A coworker and/or friend froworker went with me to Snarky’s for lunch last week.  (Aside: He had some issues with payment, namely if they only accepted cash, he wouldn’t get anything.  Totally irrational.  Fear not, they do accept credit cards.)  Anyway, Moo Bawk Oink refers to the different kinds of meat to put on your sandwich: beef, chicken, or pork.  The menu showcases different types of sandwiches, but purposely leaves the meat choice up to you.  Some seem obvious, but when ordering remember that there are no rules.

Tyler (the froworker) ordered first and went with the Snarky Cheesesteak, their take on the Philly (plus Snarky Sauce) with beef.  Since it would be crossing pretty much every line in the HR handbook for me to take a bite of his sandwich, I took his word for it that it was delicious.  More importantly, I ordered the Cubano–smoked ham, cheese, sliced pickles, and MojoMustard.  Oh, and my choice of OINK, er, pork on top.  That’s ham and pork on one sandwich.  The whole thing then gets pressed down, as is traditional, and then devoured (also traditional).  The sandwich was wonderfully hot and packed with flavor.  Personally, I could do without the pickles, but I generally don’t like pickles, so it’s no fault of the sandwich or its maker.  The MojoMustard is fantastic and the sandwich is highly recommended.

And normally that would be all.  BUT!  We returned, because it was that good.  Oh, and we were lured to Snarky’s with a Twitter offer that said

This time Tyler and I were joined by another froworker, Marla*.  Not a crew to shy away from obnoxiousness, we made our way to the bus and got our half-price lunches.  This time around we all ordered something different.  Tyler opted for the Italiano–like the Philly cheesesteak but with Mozzarella, provolone, and maraina–with beef again.  He said it was better than the Philly, which means nothing is good enough for me.  Marla got the Banh Mi with pork.  It looked like there was a whole salad (cucumber, daikon, carrot, jalapeño, cilantro (blech) and SnarkAsian Sauce)  packed into the sandwich.  She gave it a proverbial two thumbs up.

I got The Jerk (hold your snide comments) with chicken, topped with spicy Jamaican pineapple slaw and Jerk Sauce.  It was good, but not nearly spicy enough.  Either it needed more seasoning, spicier seasoning, or just some hot peppers thrown in.  Other than missing on the heat, it was another very tasty sandwich.

Snarky’s is serving up down and dirty sandwiches (see photo above).  I wish they was a little bigger, but they certainly don’t skimp on filling them to the max.  I love the idea that you can get the same sandwich three times with different choice of meat and have three totally different sandwiches.  Go check them out at The NATY along with their soon-to-arrive other lot-mates.

*Yes, Tyler and Marla.  A regular Fight Club cast.  I guess that would make me the Narrator.

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