Why The Face? – McDonalds

Oh irony, how I enjoy you.  Recent news says that McDonald’s is the new Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon partner.  Sounds innocent enough until you realize that a fast food company responsible for a sizeable part of the obesity epidemic is partnering with an endurance event management company.  As Runner’s World reports “McDonald’s will be the “official quick service restaurant sponsor” of the events”.

I’m not a fan of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s parent company, Competitor Group, but not because of this.  I don’t like them because their events are bad.  And this doesn’t help how I perceive their image.

Idea!  I can see a great joint venture in the near future along the lines of a 26.2 Big Mac marathon for those who can’t run but who can eat 26 Big Macs in one sitting.  To be fair, McDonalds says this is about spreading the word of their more nutritious options and promoting a balanced diet.  Regardless, this is on Rock ‘n’ Roll and Competitor Group for making money-guided decisions rather than sticking to principles.


One thought on “Why The Face? – McDonalds

  1. For the past two years, the title sponsor of the state-run Texas Round-Up has been Taco Bell. At least they shortened the race from a 10k to a 5k.

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