Celebrating National Doughnut Day

National Doughnut Day: great day… or THE GREATEST DAY?  Personally I think these “National ____ Days” are totally and absolutely ridiculous.  But that’s because only one of them is “Doughnut” day.  Here’s all you need to know: on this glorious day, the doughnut is celebrated*.

National Doughnut Day

*Which I realize is normal for me, but I’ve learned that not everyone constantly thinks about doughnuts.

To commemorate such a wonderful day, Coolhaus upped the ante by offering their fancy ice creams sandwiched in between a sliced open Red Rabbit Bakery doughnut.  “Who’s Red Rabbit Bakery?” you ask?  It’s only hands down the best doughnut shop in Austin and on par with the likes of Doughnut Plant in NYC and The Doughnut Vault in Chicago.  To make things even more bewildering, they’re a completely vegan bakery!

Ew.  I just digressed.  The idea of creating the ultimate ice cream sandwich made by experts using the finest doughnuts in town results in the something undeniably great.  We met friends down at the Coolhaus truck early in the evening to make sure we could get a doughnut before they sold out.  I got a Mexican Chocolate doughnut (chocolate with cinnamon and cayenne pepper) with a big scoop of Sea Salt Caramel ice cream.

coolhaus national doughnut day 1

Mexican Chocolate doughnut with Sea Salt Caramel ice cream

I can say with clean conscience that it was better than the typical Coolhaus cookies.  The doughnut hugs the ice cream with just the right amount of love.  And with each bite none of the ice cream squeezes out the back.  The Mexican Chocolate burns so good, cooled just enough by the deliciously merciful sea salt caramel ice cream.  A perfect balance of sweet, salty, spicy, and cold.

coolhaus national doughnut day 2

photo bomb of jealousy

I wish this were available all the time.  But wait!  Why not?!  All I need to do is buy my own Red Rabbit Doughnut, head over to Coolhaus, and order a scoop of ice cream.  With 15 seconds of DIY initiative, this emblem of American freedom can be recreated and devoured on my schedule.  And you know what that means?  EVERYDAY can be National Doughnut Day!

coolhaus national doughnut day 3


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  1. that looks glorious. I have a cool haus around the corner from my job. I love that place, so glad I don’t have the donut place otherwise, who knows how fat I could be haha.

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