The CapTexTri in Pictures

One nice bonus to doing the CapTexTri is that they give you all of the official race pictures for FREE!  Here’s a visualization of what it was like to be me for a few hours on race day.  I’ll curate the best I can, but let the pictures do the real talkin

Before the race got started, I was all nerves.  You’ll recognize this picture from my race report, but I chose to stay out of sight from the official cameras before the race.  Thanks Ev for putting this one together!
captextri swim pics

Coming out of the water, overcome with relief, there’s no way someone is going to look good.  At this point I’m just trying to figure out which way is up.

captextri swim exit

With the ground decidedly down and the sky definitely up, I needed a second to regroup getting through the first transition.  It’s early in the race, but I’m not looking awesome.

captextri t1

I finally made it to my bike and happily got rolling.  I was still excited at this point, just starting lap 1 of 4.  This great picture was actually taken by my neighbor who was cheering us on.

captextri bike start

The course is somewhat technical with several hairpin and a few ninety-degree turns per lap.  My main focus during all of those sections of the course was simply “dontfalldontfalldontfall”.  As far as the bike pictures go, there are quite a few due to the four-lap course.  They all pretty much look like this and the next one.

captextri bike turn

There were also some nice straightaway where I could tuck in and build up speed.  Note, in the background is a hand-cycle, not a fallen cyclist.

captextri bike aero

Other than my “dontfall” mantra, my mind was occupied with thoughts of getting off the bike and really getting to work.  Here’s a pretty good picture, about 1/2 mile into the 6.2 mile run.  I was feeling strong even after all the swimming and biking leading up to this point.

captextri run

As I was finishing up my second lap of the two-lap course I started picking up the pace.  Again another good picture showing just how much fun I’m having.

captextri run 2

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Hey! That’s not you!”  Actually look off to the left you’ll see my left arm.  The real reason I’m showing this picture is give you some context as to what happened next.  We’re wrapping up the run, just before the final turn toward the finish line, and I’m trailing the reasonably normal looking guy.  Just after this point I passed him, then he passed me, and then I passed him one more time as we turned toward the finish.

captextri run bruce

And out of nowhere this dude explodes out of his body and goes completely Incredible Hulk to the finish line.  I mean, I gave it all I had and there was no catching Mr. PEDs.  Check out the impressive neck veins he’s showing off.captextri run hulk

He was taking two to three steps for everyone one of mine.  All I could do was laugh as he launched through the finish line.

captextri run hulk 2

I ran it all the way in, through his wake, and gave him a man-hug / handshake once he returned to his human form.
captextri run finish

The race was a lot of fun, and hopefully these pictures help give a sense of my highs and lows throughout the race as detailed in my race report.

5 thoughts on “The CapTexTri in Pictures

  1. Colin says:

    First, these pictures speak volumes as to your preferred leg of a tri. Second, the hulk is AMAZING! Obviously you weren’t trying nearly as hard as he was.

    • Mike says:

      You’re exactly right. Getting out of the water, I look like I’m grateful to be alive. While on the bike, I’m just concentrating too hard on what I’m doing. The run is where I can actually push it.

      As for the Hulk, I was definitely giving it all I had, despite what my face may suggest. You just can’t compete with that.

  2. Todd says:

    “And out of nowhere this dude explodes out of his body and goes completely Incredible Hulk to the finish line. I mean, I gave it all I had and there was no catching Mr. PEDs.”

    Very funny Mike – couldn’t stop laughing 🙂

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