Coffee Break: Cuvee Coffee Kenya Kumurembe

I loved the Cuvee Santa Rita so much that I bought two more bags and just finished off the last of it.  While I’m sad to see the August special all gone, I’m excited about trying their next seasonal variety!  September’s special bean from Kenya is called Kumurembe (which as Cuvee likes to say, is pronounced exactly how it’s spelled).

Bruer Cuvee Kumurembe

Based on the official tasting notes on the bag, I 1) half expected to drink a glass of wine, and 2) couldn’t wait to try it.  The description says “blackberry jam leads into a stonefruit sweetness with a syrupy body”.  That’s right up my caffeinated alley!

Opening the bag, and even more so when it was ground, this coffee smells amazing.  A. maz. ing.  After 6 hours in the Bruer, the first sip blew me away.  I love this coffee.  Definitely less acidic than the Santa Rita, and more balanced than the earlier Cuvee bag I tried.  The Kumurembe is my new favorite.  I will say, you get what you pay for, and in this case it happens to be their most expensive option.  But for me: worth it.

PS – With the Kumurembe out of retail distribution, as well as having a hard time tracking down a different special bag of Cuvee beans, I figured I could handle the $5 shipping to make all my coffee dreams come true.  Even better, when ordering online, you get the beans fresh.  Like, ordered Sunday night, roasted Tuesday, shipped Tuesday, and delivered Wednesday.  I’d say that’s worth $5 flat rate shipping.

PPS – I have no affiliation with Cuvee Coffee, I paid for all coffee myself, and I was not asked to write anything for them.  I’m just a sucker for good coffee.

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