Waffle Brownies

Some nights after dinner you find yourself with a craving for something more than what the four pints of ice cream in your freezer can offer.  In a moment of sheer brilliance Evelyn simultaneously thought of, searched for, and found a recipe for brownies made in a waffle iron.  So we got to work!

waffle brownie plain

The recipe is actually super easy.  Mix dry ingredients in a bowl while you melt some butter and chocolate.  Add sugar, eggs, vanilla, and chocolate chips before combining it all together.  Then just waffle it into shape.  I want to point out, this is a brownie recipe adapted for a waffle iron, not a waffle recipe made to taste like brownies.  So the result is brownies, not brownie-like-waffles.  GIF BREAK!

waffle brownie gif

You’re left with rich, extra chocolatey brownies full of edges and spaces just begging to be filled with ice cream.  But even with great brownies and a grocery store’s worth of ice cream (we correctly chose Steve’s Ice Cream Mexican Chili Chocolate), we still wanted more!  While we didn’t grab the sprinkles (of which we have tons), we couldn’t resist the siren call of homemade salted caramel.  Heated up and drizzled over top, we were in business.  The result is incomparable, like a…

waffle brownie final

Bottom line: You should make this ASAP.

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