I can get used to this. Three 3M Half Marathons. Three half marathon personal records. Heading into the race, I wasn’t confident in how the day would shake out. Last year I was in the middle of half marathon-specific training and feeling great. This year I’m coming off of a Half Ironman and some minor surgery that kept me off my feet for a bit. How’d we do? I’ll say this: let it be a lesson to you all who read my race preview and thought I was “being real” with my low expectations. I warned you!

3m half logo

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3 x 3M Preview

Well it’s January, so you know what that means.  The 3M Half Marathon!  This will be my third bout with the speedy downhill course.  It’s this very race where I have set  my two previous fastest half marathon times (thank you, downhill course).  So what’s in store for this year?

As is customary, I’ll set a realistic, fairly conservative goal and then back it up with several excuses as to why I don’t think it’s too conservative.  Then, once at the starting line, I’ll scrap my entire plan and run as hard as possible to the finish.  That’s exactly what happened two years ago.  Last year was a bit different wherein I planned the whole time to run as hard as possible.

This year I’m focused on Boston training.  I’m looking to put in a solid time, but I don’t think a PR is in the cards this go-round [see above re: goals].  However, since this falls within Boston training, and my training plan says I should run 18 miles this weekend, you’ll find me running home from the finish line to get close to that 18 mile mark.  Sick?  Yes.  What else can I do?

To make matters more interesting, the always-reliable, never-wrong weather forecast shows a race temp in the mid-30s with a 40% chance of rain and a solid 16 mph headwind (the race is point to point from north to south).  Don’t believe me?

3M weather

I love this race because it runs right by my house, and my superwife has rallied our neighbors to come out to cheer me and the other runners on!  I can’t wait for Sunday morning!  Let’s do this!


Per the wisdom of commenter Laura, and verified by Google, there will in fact be a tailwind for the race!  Huzzah!

Setting the Tone

Saturday was an awesome day. We knocked out lots of to-dos that needed to-doing, like unpacking that last annoying box, building a fence, fixing a ceiling fan, and raking leaves. But what started this blast of productivity can all be traced back to my long run.

18 miles of Austin’s lesser-traveled roads started my day. Hazel and I took off under the cool, overcast skies. She easily handled her 6.2 miles in a shade over 47 minutes. At 38 pounds, she’s quite the star athlete laying down times some long-time runners would love to achieve. (Aside: There will never ever [ever] be a time where she is too tired to go for a run. Talk about no excuses. She’s the best running buddy in the world. Sorry Colin.)

After dropping her home, I continued on, basking in the quiet Saturday morning solitude. As my watched beeped for each passing mile, I picked up the pace. For

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a reason beyond description (but for which I am thankful), a feeling of joy washed over me and the only thing I could do was run faster. My last mile was the fastest of the day. It set the tone for the rest of the day. All the productivity mentioned above was thanks to feeling awesome.

Rather than drone on, I’ll say this is exactly how I felt (flames and all):




Back Attack!

I run a lot.  I eat well.  I generally take care of myself.  Sure, there are things I could do better (more sleep, less kettlecorn [damn you, kettlecorn!], more sunscreen), but overall I’d say I’m holding things together pretty well.  So when Ev mentioned implored that I should pay a visit to the dermatologist to check a questionable spot on my back, I didn’t think much of it [damn you, ego!].  Warning: some pictures not ideal for the very squeamish. Continue reading

Running Late for Boston

It’s December 10th.  You know what that means??  It’s Day 1 of training for the Boston Marathon!  Or at least it was supposed to be.  Instead I’m on something of a temporary medical leave starting today for the next 10-12 days.  Nothing like a doctor’s strict “don’t exert yourself” to bring things to screeching halt before they can get started.  So for now I’m talking the next week and a half off to think about resting before intense training begins.  My biggest concern is how much fitness I’ll need to regain after two weeks off.  Ok, end of pity party.

New official start date for training: December 24.  Let the countdown begin!

Formula Run

Vrooom!  Vroooooom!  Saturday the brand new, not really finished Formula 1 race track opened its gates to runners, joggers, and walkers to take a tour of its 3.4 mile loop.  Known as the Circuit of the Americas, it’s the only Formula 1 track in the United States.  With the inaugural F1 race taking place in 2 weeks, RunTex put on this fun run giving special access and a preview of the course before anyone else.

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