The Coolhaus Skyscraper Challenge

Time for another installment of eating meets running. This time it involves an irresponsible amount of running followed by an irresponsible amount of dessert. To make it sound more responsible, I’ll consider it a heavy dose of calcium and protein to refuel and recover from a difficult workout. Yea, that’s better. Anyway, after coming across a blog post (how many bad ideas start off that way?) I got to thinking about accepting a challenge of skyscraping proportions.

Anyone who’s anyone knows I love ice cream*, and Coolhaus is one of my all-time favorites (and Hazel’s too). As a reminder, Coolhaus serves up handmade-to-order ice cream sandwiches of your choice, customized to your selection of cookie and ice cream flavors. Like I reviewed a few months ago, you

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get some great combos like coffee toffee ice cream smashed between chocolate chip cookies.

The challenge in question is the Coolhaus Skyscraper Challenge recently covered on the New York Street Food blog. It involves a customized monster of 5 (five) scoops of ice cream sandwiched between 6 (six!) cookies. In the NYSF post a girl conquered the skyscraper… in 8 minutes 35 seconds. It’s not officially on the Austin Coolhaus menu, but I confirmed with my reliable source (@coolhausatx) that it can be done upon request.

This is pretty much definitely going to happen, thanks to some carousing from Food Trailers Austin and Coolhaus themselves. I’m planning this around a 20 mile training run. According to my training schedule, it looks like August 13th is the day of reckoning. Stay tuned as I get more details together. As an endurance athlete, I need a goal. I’m not sure yet if that’s going to be speed or enjoyment. I’m leaning towards the latter for now, but we’ll see as the challenge approaches.


p>*Despite my self-diagnosed adult-onset-lactose intolerance. Just keep the Pepto nearby.

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