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Pueblo Viejo para Almuerzo

It’s been a long time (too long) since I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy the non-mainstream, authentic flavors of Pueblo Viejo.  My last visit resulted in an outstanding breakfast taco that left me wanting to try everything else on their menu.  Well after far too many months I was able to make my way back over to the East Side and get my taco on.

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Florida Here I Come

Well, kids, the soon-to-be missus and I are heading down over east to Florida for the big day.  It’s been a long time since that interrogatory run, and we couldn’t be more excited for December 4th to get here!  It’s going to be a jam-packed week full of last-minute planning, prepping, and partying.  Sprinkled in between the mayhem (for me at least) will be sleeping, running, and eating.  In second-to-last penultimate minute planning, Ev and I skeptically scoped out the SoFla food cart scene in case we do, in fact, find time to eat.  Much to our pleasant surprise, it appears to be fairly mobile-eatery abundant.

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Pueblo Viejo

I’ve talked about hidden gems here before.  You know, those places that are nearby that you never knew existed, but if you did, you’d eat there four times a week and gain 12 pounds.  Well, this weekend Ev and I stumbled upon a nondescript trailer down in a burgeoning trailer food ‘hood called Pueblo Viejo, and it’s certainly a hidden gem in my book.

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