The Peached Tortilla

A relative new kid on the block, The Peached Tortilla

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really has its act together. Delicious food can only get you so far, but you also need to let your people know where to find you. This truck is a beast on the social scene keeping their fans updated where they are and when they’ll be there. But we can’t downplay the food. Like Chi’Lantro BBQ, The Peached Tortilla is a fusion of flavors, though a bit more subtle.

As I mentioned, The Peached Tortilla seems to own the Twitter and Facebook scenes, and that’s exactly how I found them. Once I caught onto their schedule from their website I set a plan in motion to give it a try. After work I picked up Hazel and drove down to meet the cream-colored truck. With the kitchen in full swing but not much of a line I talked to the head honcho Eric (a former litigator turned food truck master). Based on Twitter reviews I knew I wanted some banh mi and BBQ brisket, but left it up to Eric as to which should be a taco and which a slider. Having settled on a banh mi taco and BBQ brisket slider, I was feeling hungry (like always) and looked for one more option. After a few suggestions I happily chose a chicken satay taco.

I took it all to go and sped obeyed all traffic laws and carefully drove home. Unwrapping each cultural crossover put my taste buds on red alert that something good was coming their way. To appease my natural indecision, I eenie-meenie-miney-moed my way in a circular triangle fashion*, taking one bite of each. This was my first foray into bahn mi, a Vietnamese braised pork belly and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Well, other than something delicious.


Chicken Satay | BBQ Brisket | Bahn Mi


The corn-tortilla-wrapped chicken satay taco had a tasty, but kind of generic Asian flavor to it. The Asian slaw gave the exact crunch you’d want and the red curry peanut sauce was tangy and creamy, but there was a bit of a take-it-or-leave-it reaction to it. Tasty, but nothing to run back for. The BBQ brisket slider, however, was definitely something that warranted making a second (and third) trip to the truck. The BBQ sauce was sweet and tangy, the meat was thin and tender, and the bun was warm and soft. Each bite of that slider was worth the price of the entire meal, and something I recommend be added to everyone’s bucket list.

As for the bahn mi, like I said, it was my first adventure into world of pork belly. To be honest, the flavor was killer but the texture killed me. I don’t have much to compare it to, so I can’t say if it was good pork belly, but based on the brisket slider, I can only assume it was better than most. There were parts that were just too fatty for me to enjoy. The flavor, though, was great, so I’d certainly be game for another go at it.

All in all, The Peached Tortilla is a serious food truck. Try it for the variety, but be sure to pick up a BBQ brisket slider (or a half dozen). Next time I go I’ll be checking out the highly-regarded peach poppers from the dessert part of the menu. And yes, you can count on it that I’ll be going back, whenever Twitter tells me to.

Name The Peached Tortilla
Specialty Tacos & Sliders
Weekday Dinner
2401 San Gabriel St
Austin, TX 78705
Late Night
600 W 6th St
Austin, TX 78701
Twitter @peachedtortilla
Facebook Peached Tortilla


p>*circular triangle? what?

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