Fried and True

Before we get started, I need you to do something for me.  Forget everything you know about “eating in moderation”.  Ok?  Ok, let’s continue.  This is a tale about a little trailer on East 6th that knows exactly who it is.  No identity crisis; no sitting on the fence; no hemming and/or hawing.  None of that.  Fried and True is, if nothing else, true to itself.  Fried and True fries everything, and they’re proud of it.

Fried and True trailer

The menu reads like a child’s wish list before a grown up messes with it.  Sure, you’ll find the usual suspects like traditional French fries, a familiar funnel cake (though the toppings are another story), and even the good ol’ fashioned corn dog.   But that’s for the unadventurous crowd.

Where Fried and True really shines is when you, the customer, start taking things seriously.  You can get a corn dog and fries anywhere.  But what about deep fried Oreos?  Or how about — ready for this? — chocolate covered candied bacon.  That would be thick-cut bacon that is cooked and candied, and then covered in chocolate.

Deep fried Oreo and Funnel Cake at Fried and True

I cannot say it enough: Fried and True has perfected the art of frying.  The Oreo you see above is an exercise (ha!) in fresh, airy batter wrapped around America’s favorite cookie.  The cookie gets a little softer, but the flavor   I went pure with the funnel cake and only had a flurry avalanche of powdered sugar.  They come in sets of 4, but the awesome owner and deep-frying expert, Arielle, helped me (and my arteries) out by selling me just one.  She also spared me a few years on my life by making me a “small” funnel cake.  Oh, and that chocolate covered bacon thing?  Yea, I got that too.  I learned that in order to make the chocolate stick better to the bacon, the trick is to include some rendered bacon fat into the chocolate first.  Brilliant!  And it’s so delicious.

Fried and True funnel cake

The Three Amigos: Deep-Fried Oreo, Funnel Cake with Powdered Sugar, and Chocolate Covered Candied Bacon (top left)

But don’t think I’ve spoiled things by trying all the highlights.  Despite what you read above, I showed some restraint.  On deck for my next Fried and True visit will be two sandwiches.  For dinner will be the deep fried grilled cheese and Sriracha sandwich.  WHAT!?!  And for dessert, equally enticing and equally deep fried, the marshmallow and Nutella sandwich.  Sorry, I just blacked out thinking about that one.  Can’t wait!

I had the pleasure to chat with Arielle a bit, and she’s awesome.  If you have the time, take a second to let her know how amazing whatever you’re eating is.  Trust me, it will be amazing.  And as always, give ’em a follow on Twitter and a Like on Facebook to keep up to date with their specials.

Fried and True Oreos

PS – I enjoyed Fried and True so much on my first visit, I went back the next night with a friend to get a full order of those Oreos.  Amazing.

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