East Side King Crawl

It’s hard for me to keep quiet about my unhealthy food obsession (or is it obsession with unhealthy food?) at work. So when coworkers talk about weekend plans and where to eat, my ears can’t help but perk up. Talks usually lead to favorite places and invariably I mention East Side King. After building lots of excitement (and months of trying to coordinate schedules), the time had finally come for some of my coworkers and I to go on an East Side King trailer crawl!


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Fried and True

Before we get started, I need you to do something for me.  Forget everything you know about “eating in moderation”.  Ok?  Ok, let’s continue.  This is a tale about a little trailer on East 6th that knows exactly who it is.  No identity crisis; no sitting on the fence; no hemming and/or hawing.  None of that.  Fried and True is, if nothing else, true to itself.  Fried and True fries everything, and they’re proud of it.

Fried and True trailer

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