I Eat, You Eat, We Eat

Time for another for a food round up before a big weekend of eating. Like last time, here’s just a taste of the noteworthy places I ate that I think you should eat too.

Last Friday Evelyn and I went out on a fancy date to the newly-opened La V out on East 7th. The space is beautiful, the service was great (thanks Courtney!), and the food was fantastic. We shared everything and the real standouts were the “grilled baby octopus” (amazing; the best octopus we’ve ever had) and “veal two ways” (exceptional and truly memorable; veal cheek and sweetbreads). The meyer lemon cream dessert might be Ev’s favorite dessert in Austin. The menu changes weekly, so over time everything will phase out to make room for new, seasonal dishes.

And as you’ll notice there are no photos because, and this is important, sometimes most times every time, the company you’re with deserves your attention more than a future blog / Facebook / Twitter post audience. That important fact is something I need to remember much more often.

The next day we met up with friends at Curly’s Carolina, Texas to get Q’ed up. I followed my own advice and got “The Texan”, a brisket-on-bread-and-nothing-else sandwich, and topped it with some wasabi cole slaw. Banana pudding rounded things out for good measure. It was incredible.

curlys brisket sandwich

After a few days of recovery I stopped by Guac N Roll, who sets up shop at The Draught House on Wednesdays. I tried an experimental tamale featuring Adelbert’s Brewery Naked Nun, Tillamook cheddar, queso fresco & Anaheim peppers. Not quite as good as the standard tamale, but the regular tamale is the best tamale I’ve ever had, every time I have it. But I love that they continue to try new things.


And finally Ev and I went for a walk back over to The Draught House the next night to get a post-dinner snack. We grabbed some always-delicious Chicken Kara’age –deep-fried chicken thigh, sweet-spicy sauce, fresh basil, cilantro (bleh), mint, onion, jalapeño– and the daily special “Broccoli Two Ways” –shaved stalk & dehydrated florets, togarashi candied peanuts, nori paper, yuzu, mixed herbs, Thai coconut dressing. Both were great and hit the spot.


And now, if you’ll excuse me, we have guests coming to town, so it’s time to loosen the belt a notch.

East Side King Crawl

It’s hard for me to keep quiet about my unhealthy food obsession (or is it obsession with unhealthy food?) at work. So when coworkers talk about weekend plans and where to eat, my ears can’t help but perk up. Talks usually lead to favorite places and invariably I mention East Side King. After building lots of excitement (and months of trying to coordinate schedules), the time had finally come for some of my coworkers and I to go on an East Side King trailer crawl!


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East Side King @ Liberty Bar

East Side King blew me away at The Grackle and since then I’ve been meaning to get back out east to try the other two locations (at Liberty Bar and Shangri La). As fate would have it, they were one of

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a very select few food trucks invited into the hallowed Austin FOOD & WINE Festival grounds. Their mobile truck, as colorfully graffitied as their stationary trailers, was cranking out menu items from their Liberty Bar location.

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Austin FOOD & WINE Festival: Day 1

The Austin FOOD & WINE Festival took over Auditorium Shores for two days, showcasing all kinds of famous chefs and local vendors.  Originally I wasn’t going to attend (due to seemingly exorbitant ticket prices), I was able to win some passes thanks to Twin Liquors!  With two entries, but Evelyn out of town, I scrambled to find some friends who had no plans this weekend.  Luckily two were free to divide and conquer.  Onward to the festival!

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East Side King @ The Grackle

The playing field isn’t always fair. Sometimes one team has an unmatched advantage over its competitors that doesn’t just tip the scale but topples it over completely. In the case of East Side King, they’ve become quite the East 6th Street powerhouse and taking over the neighborhood. They have three locations each serving up different menus all focused around the same Asian cuisine. So what’s their secret weapon? Paul Qui, as in the executive chef at the wildly popular Uchiko and contestant on Top Chef: Texas.

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Trying New Trailers Left and Right!


of reviews currently in the works for all

the new-to-me trailers I’ve been enjoying recently! Keep an eye out for the likes of Kebabalicious, Dogellos, Be More Pacific, Tacos Selene, East Side Kings (Grackle), The Evil Wiener, and Lizzie’s Lunchbox. (I’ll update each place with a link to the review post) That means I’ve been eating wraps, chili dogs, Filipino fried rice, tacos, Asian who knows what, and brats. Not a bad two weeks on the trailer front. It’s like my own mini Gypsy Picnic!