Bored of *not* Running

Last night while getting caught up on some (debatably) quality TV, I realized that I was getting bored of not running.  In reality I think I’m just getting antsy from stored up energy while still “recovering” from the race, but I got that urge like I had to go run “right now!”.  I didn’t, of course, because it was 10 at night and thoroughly enjoying The Office and sitting on the couch drinking wine with Ev.  Tough to beat.

To runners, this sounds like a good problem to have.  Who doesn’t want to be motivated, right?  To non-runners, I should be committed.  Who wants to run when you can sleep in or watch TV… or not run?

Well, just as the sun rises (both literally and figuratively), I predictably hopped the fence into the non-runners camp when my alarm went off at 6am.  The bed can be very convincing when you voluntarily decide to make an early departure.  It took some doing, but I pulled myself out of that heavenly cocoon of endless warmth and security and got out there.  I wanted this run to be really easy, like a walk in the park (only running.. in the park).  It was ok, but not as easy as I hoped.  I think I’m still getting over that non-swine-flu cold I mentioned last time.  My heart rate was a little higher than I would have liked, just wasn’t feeling it.  But I got to run and release some of that antsy-ness (not to be confused with ants in the pants, which I still have plenty of).

Who knows, maybe after a few more early mornings I’ll be over running and ready to sleep in.  But for now I’m looking forward to the next one…



Distance: 5.32 miles
Time: 44:46
Pace: 8:25 min/mile
Average Heart Rate: 157 bpm

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