The Jalopy Under Wraps

I’m no rookie when it comes to eating at the Jalopy Rotisserie and Press.  The giant truck parked just north of downtown has been sitting pretty sliding out some amazing sandwiches since day one.  The menu is diverse, chock-full of homemade sauces that push the boundaries on what a sandwich shop should be doing, but that sort of inventiveness has been baked into the Jalopy since day one.  And it’s that same sense of “don’t get too comfortable” that drives the owner, Nic, to keep trying new things.  And that’s exactly what warrants a fourth blog post on the same trailer on this blog.

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Eat St. Rocking the Jalopy

Last Tuesday Food Network’s Eat St. came to Austin to kickoff their five-trucks-in-five-days profile of Austin’s mobile food scene.  They’re here filming for Season 2 of their show, after having already profiled ChiLantro BBQ and Lucky J’s last year for Season 1.  Their first stop was at the Jalopy Rotisserie and Press, profiling Nic, his truck, and his delicious food.  Lucky for me I was able to swing by and even make an on-camera appearance!

Eat St crew at the Jalopy

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Will Run To Eat…Literally

We have a lot of fun here on this blog with wordplay, double entendre, and of course, puns.  You’d be hard-pressed to find a blog post without at least a little implied double meaning.  As proof, Google finds 22 mentions of the word “pun” in my blog (not counting the 3 in this post)!  What we’re celebrating today, however, is the literal nature of the blog’s name.  The real intersection where running meats meets eating.

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The Gypsy Picnic – In Review

Where were you on Saturday, November 6th, 2010?  If you live in (or near) Austin, you were definitely at the Gypsy Picnic.  How do I know?  Because the entire city and its surrounding suburbs seemed to be in attendance.  The crowds that congregated on Auditorium Shores became prohibitively large, making any attempt to enjoy the event completely futile.  Unfortunately, that’s probably what the Picnic will be remembered for, rather than a great celebration of Austin’s unique food scene.  Sit back and get comfy, this is gonna get long*.

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Jalopy Rotisserie and Press – Back to Basics

Sometimes the simpler things are, the better. You know, “less is more” and all that. Well I put that to the test on my second visit to The Jalopy Rotisserie and Press. If you remember, last time I tried the molé and Ev went with the son hong, both of which were very

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tasty and paved the way for a second visit. This time I figured I’d dig into the Jalopy’s roots with a simpler option: The Original.

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