Why The Face? – Mental Case

Today I was supposed to go for a hard workout at the track.  Instead I slept in.  My legs (and really my whole body) were just tired, and there was very little chance of actually getting out of bed when my alarm went off at 5:15am.  Well I’m sitting here, anxious as all get out (that’s a saying, right?) about having skipped a run.  I think a big part is because I haven’t missed a run yet, except for two days after the Texas Independence Relay to recover.

Normally I’d go at lunch or after work to make it up, but neither option works today.  I realize it’s a tiny bit ridiculous, but I can’t quite shake it.  All will be right in the world.  I’ll just go for my run tomorrow.  But it turns out skipping a run has made me into some kind of mental case.  WTF running?  What is this spell you have over me?

2 thoughts on “Why The Face? – Mental Case

    • Mike says:

      Listen, Compas. I could list the valid excuses, er, reasons, but I won’t. Why don’t you just stay in Spain?

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