IMAZ Week 1 Review

Preface: I’m going to try to give a quick recap of my Ironman training all the way up until the race. I’ll try

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to keep it brief, but no promises.

Consider training officially underway for Ironman Arizona! The first week was a gentle ramp-up in the form of ten workouts spread over 6 days. No question I have some work to do, especially in the pool. But the change of pace from run-only training to include biking and swimming has remotivated me! After my hip injury last month and scrapping my Boston goal, tri training has given me new focus.

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned while tri training last year, my favorite part is seeing huge, immediate improvement. At this point, for me it’s hard to see big gains in running, but when you’re basically drowning on Day 1, Day 5 feels like you’re Michael Phelps! By my third swim day I was exhausted, but ready to dive back in for Week 2. So we’ll see how things progress from here.

One week down, thirty-five to go!



Time for Business – Week 15 Review [brief]

Alright party goers, this is going to be the last weekly review post for my Chicago Marathon training schedule.  It’s been a long road to this point from getting that initial email inviting me to be part of Team VW.  This final week I took it easy, starting with a rest day Monday.  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were all generally easy runs, focusing on staying fresh and recovering from weeks and weeks of pounding.  Next time you hear from me should be my Chicago Marathon race report telling the trials and tribulations of my eleventh marathon!  So as I’ve said here before, the work is done.  The hay is in the barn.

Taper Time. Sort of. – Week 14 Review

Tapering — the time in training that most runners hate.  The end of most training plans feature several weeks of decreased mileage and intensity to give the body time to recover in preparation for the race.  It also leads to pants full of ants and an overall surplus in energy.  Really it’s a silly idea, to build a runner’s endurance up to 50+ miles per week, transforming their body into a high-performance running machine and then suddenly say “now take it easy for a few weeks”.  Well to that I say “psssssssh”.

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Running (Best) Man – Week 13 Review [brief]

We’re back on track folks!  I got all my scheduled runs in last week and had no problems, inside or out.  With travel to Connecticut for Colin’s wedding I had to smash everything into five days instead of six, so obviously I skipped my rest day.  Tuesday’s intervals (four 3/4 mile repeats) were right on target and Wednesday’s 11 mile run to work was on the faster side of normal.

On Thursday night Ev and I landed in JFK and made the drive out to Connecticut near Colin’s apartment.  I met Colin Friday morning on a street corner to embark on our 20 miler and my last major run before tapering for Chicago.  What I wasn’t expecting was actually how humid it was.  I was hoping for cool, crisp Northeast Autumn.  Instead we got foggy, rain* that lasted approximately 2.5 hours of the 2.75 hours that we ran.  Good news is my leg-hip injury is a thing of the past.  It was great running with Colin again, and now he’s all married and stuff!

Now for my least favorite thing, besides the dentist… tapering.

Distance Time Pace Heart Rate
Monday 7.15 Miles 1:01:38 8:37 min/mi 145 bpm
Tuesday 10.01 Miles 1:16:38 7:39 min/mi 157 bpm
Wednesday 11.00 Miles 1:30:01 8:11 min/mi 153 bpm
Thursday 3.56 Miles 31:10 8:46 min/mi 139 bpm
Friday 20.23 Miles 2:44:04 8:07 min/mi 156 bpm
Total 51.95 Miles 7:03:32 8:09 min/mi 153 bpm

*yes, rain!  ugh, Austin is changing me into someone who savors rain

Back on Track – Week 12 Review [brief]

With no new illness or injury Week 12 wasn’t too bad, and “wasn’t too bad” is good enough for me right now. I’ve been a bit discouraged, demoralized, and dissatisfied with all the unwanted breaks in training. Thankfully Week 12 was good to me. My paces

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were unimpressive if not a little slow, but at least there were paces. “Running” and “slow running” are both better than “not running” at this point. I finished the week off pretty well and hope to leverage that going into Week 13. After that it’s just taper for two weeks and then the race! it’s coming up quick…

Distance Time Pace Heart Rate
Wednesday 9.15 Miles 1:18:06 8:32 min/mi 146 bpm
Thursday 8.00 Miles 1:05:56 8:15 min/mi 147 bpm
Friday 1.03 Miles 09:30 9:14 min/mi — bpm
Saturday 17.10 Miles 2:22:54 8:21 min/mi 158 bpm
Total 35.27 Miles 4:56:26 8:24 min/mi 152 bpm

Road to Recovery. Not. – Week 11 Review [brief]

After returning from Vegas and getting over my sickness, Week 11 was positioned to be something of a comeback week.  Still a high volume week totaling 52 miles, I decided to skip one midweek medium long run of 12 miles to avoid doing too much too soon.  After a great interval 9 miler on Thursday I was really looking forward to a tough 18 mile marathon pace.  Well, Friday after an easy recovery  a non-running injury (more to come in another post) left me sidelined for an unknown amount of time.  Things aren’t looking good so all we can do is keep our fingers crossed.  A trip to the doctor might be in order if things to get resolved soon.  The Chicago Marathon is coming up in less than 4 weeks…

Distance Time Pace Heart Rate
Monday 12.00 Miles — min/mi — bpm
Tuesday 8.27 Miles 1:09:03 8:21 min/mi 144 bpm
Thursday 9.00 Miles 1:09:37 7:43 min/mi 154 bpm
Friday 5.00 Miles 44:22 8:52 min/mi 140 bpm
Saturday 18.00 Miles — min/mi — bpm
Total 22.27 Miles 3:03:03 8:13 min/mi 147 bpm

Bleh – Week 10 Review


That’s how I felt during Week 10 of training.  What should have been titled something awesome like “Run the Tables! – Week 10 Review” or “Runs in Vegas Stay in Vegas – Week 10 Review” ended up anticlimactic when I came down with some sickness that essentially incapacitated me for over a week.  Week 10 was supposed to be the training week of this whole training plan with a total of 55 miles and some intense efforts.  Instead I ended up with under 20 miles and nothing but slow but not easy miles.

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Ravenna – Week 9 Review [brief]

Week 9 had a similarly quirky schedule to Week 8.  The first three runs of the week were each set for 8 miles, though the last went a little long when I ran to work.  Tuesday’s 8-miler was a great interval workout with five 800 meter repeats and I nailed all my splits.  Huzzah!  I’ll attribute it to my new Brooks Ravenna 2 shoes (which I forgot haven’t gotten around to mention) which are a little lighter and more responsive.  Saturday I wore the same Ravenna 2’s for the group long run to see how they’d do for a moderately long distance and felt great the whole time.  I’m getting close to declaring them my race shoes over my old standby Adrenalines.

Distance Time Pace Heart Rate
Monday 8.20 Miles 1:08:55 8:24 min/mi 144 bpm
Tuesday 8.12 Miles 1:02:58 7:45 min/mi 152 bpm
Wednesday 8.87 Miles 1:13:53 8:19 min/mi 148 bpm
Friday 5.04 Miles 45:57 9:07 min/mi 137 bpm
Saturday 14.56 Miles 1:57:26 8:03 min/mi 151 bpm
Total 44.78 Miles 6:09:12 8:14 min/mi 148 bpm

Six and Long – Week 8 Review

Eight weeks down, seven to go. Training in week 8 was a bit unique with three 6-mile recovery runs, a 14-mile midweek run, and a 16-mile long run. The recoveries each went well enough if not uneventful.

It was kind of nice to have several easy runs all lined up. Tuesday’s 14 miler was faster than expected, mainly because I knew Colin was also going to be running 14 miles (in Connecticut) and I wanted to put up a good showing. Well that jerk a) “got lost” and ran 15 miles; and b) was tired so probably going to be a little slower. He ended up still being faster, even with the longer distance and being “tired”.

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Skyscraper – Week 7 Review

After a great weekend in Seattle it was back to the Austin grindstone for Week 7 of training. Things started off a bit shaky with a red-eye that netted me about 3 hours of sleep taking me straight from the airport to the office. To make up for the lost morning I laid down 7 easy miles in 102* heat after work.

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The heart rate was higher than a normal recovery, but I’m ok with that. My goal was to simply survive. Tuesday was even less fun, feeling nauseous during and after the run. I think my body was still out of whack from the travel and weird sleep schedule, but I got through it.

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