Austin FOOD & WINE Festival: Day 1

The Austin FOOD & WINE Festival took over Auditorium Shores for two days, showcasing all kinds of famous chefs and local vendors.  Originally I wasn’t going to attend (due to seemingly exorbitant ticket prices), I was able to win some passes thanks to Twin Liquors!  With two entries, but Evelyn out of town, I scrambled to find some friends who had no plans this weekend.  Luckily two were free to divide and conquer.  Onward to the festival!

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Austin FOOD & WINE Festival Kicks Off with Live Fire!

This weekend Austin gets to play host to the Austin FOOD & WINE Festival.  It’s a spin-off of the famed FOOD & WINE Festival held annually in Aspen.  Saturday and Sunday the festival will take over Auditorium Shores to showcase locally- and nationally-famous chefs doing what they do best.  To unofficially kick things off, the Salt Lick made for the perfect venue to prove you can’t have too much meat and alcohol in one place.  This is Live Fire!

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Push Yourself

Thanks to some Twitter motivation, Ev and I are embarking on The Push Up Challenge. The brainchild of @melruns and encouraged by Austin Fit Magazine, the idea is simple:

Day 1 – Do 1 push up

Day 2 – Do 2 push ups

Here’s where it gets tricky

Day 3 – Do 4 push ups

Day 4 – Do 8 push ups


p>Each day double the number of push ups from the day before. Take this all the way up to 100 push ups (or for the binary-minded, 128 push ups). It’s a daily goal, not an in-a-row goal, so it’s fair game to break them up. Just get them done, however you need. After that you can keep increasing or just

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stay at 100 per day. The choice is yours. Good luck and get started!

Eat St. is Coming to Town

Hey Hey!  Big news on this small blog!  Next week one of Food Network / Cooking Channel’s new TV shows, Eat St. is coming to Austin!  Big deal. you might say.  Well, what if I were to tell you that yours truly just might make an appearance on the ol’ boob tube?  Looks like I got your attention*.

With Eat St. coming to Austin, Facebook has been all a-Facebook Twitter has been all a-twitter with excitement.  Tony at Food Trailers Austin has been amazing at keeping the public informed of what’s going on.  You can find schedules where the Eat St. crew will be and when.  And like I said, I might even make an appearance if things work out they way they should!  Things kick off tomorrow (Tuesday, 5/17) at The Jalopy around lunch time at 15th & San Antonio.

Stay updated with Eat St. and all their mobile goodness in Austin and beyond on Facebook and Twitter @EatStTweet.

*let’s be honest, the only thing that got your attention was the word “boob”