The Evil Wiener

Hot dogs are the quintessential street food, which is why it makes sense food trucks all over Austin have been upscaling them into gourmet gastronomy.  After months of following The Evil Wiener on Twitter, I finally made the trip over to their truck.  The Beast is an imposing truck for sure, promising more than your average wiener.  On this day I went with a coworker and his wife (both new to the food truck scene) to see what The Evil Wiener could bring to the food truck party.

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Trying New Trailers Left and Right!


of reviews currently in the works for all

the new-to-me trailers I’ve been enjoying recently! Keep an eye out for the likes of Kebabalicious, Dogellos, Be More Pacific, Tacos Selene, East Side Kings (Grackle), The Evil Wiener, and Lizzie’s Lunchbox. (I’ll update each place with a link to the review post) That means I’ve been eating wraps, chili dogs, Filipino fried rice, tacos, Asian who knows what, and brats. Not a bad two weeks on the trailer front. It’s like my own mini Gypsy Picnic!

Let the Battle(s) Begin!

I’ve gotten the urge to do some real scientific, in-your-face, who’s-king-of-the-castle, head-to-head(-to-head) taste tests between some of our favorite trailers. This post is just a preview of what I have on deck. The rules are simple: 1) Each place needs to offer up a similar, nearly identical menu item for a fair competition. 2) The food needs to come from a trailer. That’s it. Let the battle(s)… BEGIN!

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