August’s Trailer Food Tuesdays

Trailer Food Tuesdays has come and gone for the second time.  Just like last month, ten trailers set up shop on the back patio of the Palmer Events Center overlooking downtown Austin.  With six new trucks (Lucky J’s Chicken and Waffles, Woodpile BBQ, Kebabalicious, Loveballs, Little Fattys, Bahn Bahn) and four repeat offenders o’vendors from last time (The Peached Tortilla, The Seedling Truck by Royal Fig, Dock and Roll Diner, & Chilantro BBQ), the lineup offered a little (or a lot) something for everyone.  Ev and I were joined by our partner in crime, Hazel, and our friend Brett with her furry buddy Archie.

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Kebabalicious: A Turkish Hero

It’s not often I find myself downtown around lunch time on a weekday.  That whole 9-5 8:30-5:30 job in North Austin has something to do with it.  So when I conjure up an excuse opportunity to indulge in some downtown street food, I jump on it.  This time around I had a half day at work to make up for the fact I’d be working Sunday at 1am (until 5am), so I headed downtown and swung by a tried-and-true favorite for some exceptional mobile lunch.

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Trying New Trailers Left and Right!


of reviews currently in the works for all

the new-to-me trailers I’ve been enjoying recently! Keep an eye out for the likes of Kebabalicious, Dogellos, Be More Pacific, Tacos Selene, East Side Kings (Grackle), The Evil Wiener, and Lizzie’s Lunchbox. (I’ll update each place with a link to the review post) That means I’ve been eating wraps, chili dogs, Filipino fried rice, tacos, Asian who knows what, and brats. Not a bad two weeks on the trailer front. It’s like my own mini Gypsy Picnic!

Austin City Limits

Austin City Limits, a three-day music festival featuring 130 bands on 8 stages, comes to Austin every year. You know what that fails to mention? The copious amounts food. We’re not talking the standard burger or pizza, though there was plenty of that. Over the three days we hit up sixteen food vendors in and around the concert. Warning: This post might get a little long, so I’ll try to only touch on the highlights…

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