Couples Tri Race Preview

Hi. Don’t take this as “You never tell me anything!!” It was just a mistake and I thought I had told you. It looks like I forgot to mention that I’m signed up for a triathlon this Sunday. Yep. I signed up for it like 2 days before switching over to marathon training and I guess never really brought it up. In any event, I wanted to let you know that I’ll be tri-ing it up at the Couples Triathlon this Sunday out at Decker Lake (the same place where

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I did the Rookie Tri).

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Chicago – Week 1 Review

Well, Week 1 of my Team VW Chicago Marathon training plan is in the books. It started off shaky but quickly found a groove. It’s nice getting back in the running seat, but I can tell I’m thoroughly out of running shape. It’s true my swimming abilities have seen some exponential improvement, apparently at the cost of my running fitness. That’s OK though! Week 1 in the books and things can only go up from here.

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I’ll be brief. I’m feeling much more comfortable now that I have returned to marathon training. The workouts are consistent, I understand what needs to be done, and I’m hungrier (both figuratively wanting to work hard and literally wanting to eat more). It’s a good feeling and I’m excited to get deep into the

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training schedule. The hardest part is leaving this little support crew member behind. Talk about comfortable.

I'm comfy. Deal with it.


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A Trailer Kind of Day

On Friday my very typical 8am-5pm job shifted my schedule to 3pm-11pm.  I know, lucky me.  Who needs Friday nights anyway?  Don’t despair!  I took full advantage of my weekday off hitting up quite a few trailers all over, including SoCo, South Lamar, downtown and near campus.  The lucky vendors?  The Mighty Cone, Bananarchy, Patika Coffee, and Conscious Cravings.  How’d each of them stack up?  Spoiler: Wonderfully.

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Day 1 – Not So Fast

Oh, Life, you have such a tendency to get in the way. Case in point,

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my Chicago Marathon training plan was supposed to kick off today with an 8 mile tempo run. What did I do instead? 1500 miles on a plane, zero in my running shoes. After a whirlwind of a trip to New Jersey for my dad’s birthday (30 hours between leaving Austin and returning), there just wasn’t time to get out for a run. Traveling early Monday morning and going to straight to work doesn’t offer much flexibility. Fear not! While life may not be flexible, I am (figuratively). It’s not a big deal to push my run until tomorrow, but this better not become a regular occurrence. You hear me, Life? Stay out of my way.



Goal: Check. Training Plan: Check.

Now that I’ve joined Team VW for the Chicago Marathon I need a goal for the race.  That goal would determine how I train between now and October 9th.  The big question is (not-so-)simply: How aggressive should I be with this race?  Run it for fun?  Run it, but still secondary to my triathlon goals?  Run it for a new PR?  Let’s look at each of the obvious options first before making any rash decisions.

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The Peached Tortilla’s New Endeavors

As far as food trucks go The Peached Tortilla is on my short-list of best evers.  They focus on the highest quality food with new and exciting flavors, all while remembering everyone’s name.  Their primary focus is on tacos and sliders made with unique combinations like crunchy catfish or pork belly (banh mi).  On yesterday’s visit I went with the intentions of trying one of their new burritos.  And let me stop you right there– burritos are not just bigger tacos.

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Das Chicago

Promise you won’t get mad, ok?  Promise?  Promise? Good.  So you know how I was all like “hey I’m going to do triathlons.” and you were like “yea, cool I guess.” and I was like “heck yea, running is so cliché.” and you were like “Totally.”  Well, we might need to pretend like that never happened, at least for a little bit.  Like until October 9th.  You see, I entered a contest who knows how many weeks (months?) ago on The Facebook and then promptly forgot about it.  And now I’m signed up for a marathon.  Yep, I know.  But you promised.

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Swim with the (Imaginary) Gators

The Mike from 6 months ago would not recognize Mike today. Where swimming was worse than torture back in January, now it’s just another effective workout routine. I actually look forward to swimming rather than avoid it like a pair of cement shoes. In fact, I’ve been proactively seeking out more ways that I can swim. My most recent foray involves some open water time in one of Austin’s relatively hidden gems. And fish. There are fish.

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Walk of Shame

I never thought it would happen to me. I thought I was better than that. I mean, it only happens to “other people”, right? To people in movies. Or college. I just never saw it coming. Maybe that was the problem. It must have looked pretty pathetic, too, considering I wasn’t even wearing a shirt and carrying my shoes in my hand. Just trashy. Hmm, maybe now would be a good time to back things up a bit.

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