Goal: Check. Training Plan: Check.

Now that I’ve joined Team VW for the Chicago Marathon I need a goal for the race.  That goal would determine how I train between now and October 9th.  The big question is (not-so-)simply: How aggressive should I be with this race?  Run it for fun?  Run it, but still secondary to my triathlon goals?  Run it for a new PR?  Let’s look at each of the obvious options first before making any rash decisions.

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The Peached Tortilla’s New Endeavors

As far as food trucks go The Peached Tortilla is on my short-list of best evers.  They focus on the highest quality food with new and exciting flavors, all while remembering everyone’s name.  Their primary focus is on tacos and sliders made with unique combinations like crunchy catfish or pork belly (banh mi).  On yesterday’s visit I went with the intentions of trying one of their new burritos.  And let me stop you right there– burritos are not just bigger tacos.

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Das Chicago

Promise you won’t get mad, ok?  Promise?  Promise? Good.  So you know how I was all like “hey I’m going to do triathlons.” and you were like “yea, cool I guess.” and I was like “heck yea, running is so cliché.” and you were like “Totally.”  Well, we might need to pretend like that never happened, at least for a little bit.  Like until October 9th.  You see, I entered a contest who knows how many weeks (months?) ago on The Facebook and then promptly forgot about it.  And now I’m signed up for a marathon.  Yep, I know.  But you promised.

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Swim with the (Imaginary) Gators

The Mike from 6 months ago would not recognize Mike today. Where swimming was worse than torture back in January, now it’s just another effective workout routine. I actually look forward to swimming rather than avoid it like a pair of cement shoes. In fact, I’ve been proactively seeking out more ways that I can swim. My most recent foray involves some open water time in one of Austin’s relatively hidden gems. And fish. There are fish.

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Walk of Shame

I never thought it would happen to me.  I thought I was better than that.  I mean, it only happens to “other people”, right?  To people in movies.  Or college.  I just never saw it coming.  Maybe that was the problem.  It must have looked pretty pathetic, too, considering I wasn’t even wearing a shirt and carrying my shoes in my hand.  Just trashy.  Hmm, maybe now would be a good time to back things up a bit.

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The CapTexTri Race Report

The Capital of Texas Triathlon took downtown Austin by storm on Memorial Day.  I registered just two weeks before for the Sprint distance, figuring the Olympic distance would be too much for my second-ever tri.  Compared to the Rookie Tri this race felt like the big leagues.  There was serious prize money ($12,500 to the winner), pro athletes, and plenty sponsors and vendors.  It also had more than its share of breakdowns and issues, but I won’t get into that here.  Here’s how everything went for me as I’m still trying to find my way in this whole triathlon jungle.

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Replacement 70.3 Race

The sting of realizing my brain lapse hasn’t quite worn off yet.  With the pain still fresh I’m looking forward to what event I can use as a replacement target race.  There aren’t many requirements that the race needs to meet, but they’re pretty specific: it needs to be a Half Ironman (70.3) distance and it needs to fall some time between Labor Day and Thanksgiving.  Right now I have two options in mind.

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My Own Idiocracy

Dear friend reader, yours truly has really done it this time.  I know you’re patiently waiting for my CapTexTri Race Report, but I have some breaking news that isn’t exactly good.  Due to some scheduling conflicts (and lack of putting things together), I will not be able to do the Ironman 70.3 Austin this coming October.  A few months ago we received a save-the-date for my sister’s Bat Mitzvah.  Well, I didn’t realize it was the same weekend as the Half Ironman, so I went ahead and registered for the race.  Alas, I’m going to try to roll my registration to next year.  Worst case, I can get about 1/4 of the registration fee refunded.  This is definitely my fault and could have easily been avoided.


I’ll be looking for another race for the fall instead.  Wish me luck (and less stupidity)!

Good Luck in Vermont!

Just wanted to give a quick shout-out to Colin and wish him luck at the KeyBank Vermont City Marathon this Sunday!  Since San Antonio (where you’ll remember I left him in the dust), he’s been a man-possessed training for this race.  He picked up a 18-week, 6-days-per-week training plan, peaking at 70 miles in a week (twice!).  You know how many training runs he missed?  Zero.  That’s 107 out of 124 days that he ran.  It included a 1:33:18 half marathon and a sub-40 minute 10K.  To say that he has prepared for this race is an understatement.

Race conditions are not looking favorable, with starting temps in the mid-60s and highs for the day in the upper-70s or low-80s.  He may have to deal with a fair amount of humidity and wind too.  I’m sure he’ll chew up my 3:22:34 PR and spit it out, but I’m OK with that considering how much work he put in.  His goal has fluctuated between 3:05 and 3:10, but with the conditions as they are, may be tempered just a bit.

So, let’s wish him luck* on Sunday for a great race.  I’m expecting a text message from him shortly after, and I’ll keep you updated with how he does.  If you can’t wait, you can track him here.

*though if he happened to cramp up and finish a few minutes slower than 3:22, I’d be OK with that too.  Kidding!!!**

**not kidding

Final Pre-CapTexTri Details

As I’m reading through the participant guide for the CapTexTri I’m finding tons of useful crucial information that I didn’t know that I didn’t know.  Who would’ve thought, right?  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Triathlons are a whole lot more complicated than marathons.  For a marathon all you need to know is what time the race starts.  It helps if you line up in the appropriate “wave” based on your predicted finish time, but really you just have to go pick up your race number the day before and then just show up to the race.  For a triathlon, not so easy.

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