Ravenna – Week 9 Review [brief]

Week 9 had a similarly quirky schedule to Week 8.  The first three runs of the week were each set for 8 miles, though the last went a little long when I ran to work.  Tuesday’s 8-miler was a great interval workout with five 800 meter repeats and I nailed all my splits.  Huzzah!  I’ll attribute it to my new Brooks Ravenna 2 shoes (which I forgot haven’t gotten around to mention) which are a little lighter and more responsive.  Saturday I wore the same Ravenna 2’s for the group long run to see how they’d do for a moderately long distance and felt great the whole time.  I’m getting close to declaring them my race shoes over my old standby Adrenalines.

Distance Time Pace Heart Rate
Monday 8.20 Miles 1:08:55 8:24 min/mi 144 bpm
Tuesday 8.12 Miles 1:02:58 7:45 min/mi 152 bpm
Wednesday 8.87 Miles 1:13:53 8:19 min/mi 148 bpm
Friday 5.04 Miles 45:57 9:07 min/mi 137 bpm
Saturday 14.56 Miles 1:57:26 8:03 min/mi 151 bpm
Total 44.78 Miles 6:09:12 8:14 min/mi 148 bpm

Coolhaus On Demand

With TV, news, music, and gosh darn near everything else available on demand these days, it’s borderline ridiculous when some things we love aren’t available at a moment’s notice.  Well, today I learned of another life necessity that doesn’t depend on the schedule of others: Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches!

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Don Churro

In the land of endless Tex Mex, true Latin food is hard to come by. Sure, there are a handful of restaurants that serve South American cuisine, but only one trailer (as far as I know) that specializes in Latin-Cuban food. Don Churro has a menu full of Cuban goodness including sandwiches, churros, and other traditional fare that sets it far apart from the other trucks in town.

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Six and Long – Week 8 Review

Eight weeks down, seven to go. Training in week 8 was a bit unique with three 6-mile recovery runs, a 14-mile midweek run, and a 16-mile long run. The recoveries each went well enough if not uneventful.

It was kind of nice to have several easy runs all lined up. Tuesday’s 14 miler was faster than expected, mainly because I knew Colin was also going to be running 14 miles (in Connecticut) and I wanted to put up a good showing. Well that jerk a) “got lost” and ran 15 miles; and b) was tired so probably going to be a little slower. He ended up still being faster, even with the longer distance and being “tired”.

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Skyscraper – Week 7 Review

After a great weekend in Seattle it was back to the Austin grindstone for Week 7 of training. Things started off a bit shaky with a red-eye that netted me about 3 hours of sleep taking me straight from the airport to the office. To make up for the lost morning I laid down 7 easy miles in 102* heat after work.

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The heart rate was higher than a normal recovery, but I’m ok with that. My goal was to simply survive. Tuesday was even less fun, feeling nauseous during and after the run. I think my body was still out of whack from the travel and weird sleep schedule, but I got through it.

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Climbing the Skyscraper

About a month ago I set forth the challenge to myself to tackle the Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwich Skyscraper — 5 scoops of ice cream sandwiched between 6 cookies.  Anyone can participate, giving Coolhaus a few days notice, so I chose August 13th as the challenge day– first because I’d be running 20 miles and second because it coincided with the 5th Annual Austin Ice Cream Festival.  What better way for Coolhaus to showcase their amazing ice cream sandwiches than with an eating challenge at an ice cream festival!

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Team VW Swag

Just a quick update on the Team VW front.  I’ve been putting in the miles and sticking to the plan (as you know from my interesting and informative weekly updates).  Well Team VW sent over some swag out of the blue.  Sitting on my front door when I got home from work was a bubble-wrapped envelope busting at the seams with some pretty sweet gear.  Inside was a t-shirt, water bottle, one of those string backpacks, and Dean Karnazes’ book Run!: 26.2 Stories of Blisters and Bliss.  Definitely a nice surprise to keep the motivation up now that I’m getting into the heart of my training.  Thanks Team VW!